12V DC / 120 VAC, LakesideLifter Key Switch, 2 Keys
12V DC / 120 VAC ,LakesideLifter Remote Control, 1 Remote Control Key Fobs, 2 Keys
12V/24V DC / 120 VAC , 1 Wired Remote Control, 2 Keys
Solar panels are available. Pictured here is a 10 Watt solar panel with a leg mount kit. Also available in a 20 Watt model, in 12V or 24V.
Battery Shelf can be mounted on either leg or canopy rail. Available in single or dual configurations.
Vertical guide ons aid in lift entry under high water currents or windy conditions where boat manuveurability are difficult.
This illustrates the optional plastic wheel kit. Consists of 2 large plastic wheels, axle and brackets
Pontoon cradle kit with guide-ons
Pontoon deck kit
Vinyl bunk, motor stop & vinyl horizontal guides
Canopy with blow off valve.
Side curtains available in both vinyl and mesh screen. The vinyl can be any of the standard canopy colors and the screen is available in complimentary colors to our standard 18 vinly colors.
Canopy with net. We offer two sizes of cargo nets - 2-1/2' deep and 5-1/2' deep.
Side step available for entry into boat.