Lakeside Lift

Due to manufacturing limitations (due to COVID-19), models indicated with a (***) will not be available in 2022CY.

Lakeside Lifts offer many different model sizes which will accommodate: performance ski boats, tower boats, pontoon boats, tritoon boats, fishing boats. Lakeside Lifts are available with either 66" of vertical travel or 78"(***) of vertical travel.

The standard Lakeside build will enable this lift to operate in as shallow water as your boat can propel itself with full cradle travel. The standard Lakeside build can accomodate up to 4' deep water. Additional leg extensions are available up to 13' deep water.

Our boat lifts are among the best in the industry - and in many ways, leading the industry. Customer satisfaction is a key ingredient in each and every transaction by Lakeside Lift Corporation.

We are a small company with a passion to provide great products that people want, at a very affordable price. Our main sales strategy leverages word-of-mouth advertising and is based on our excellent product value and customer satisfaction both before and after the sale.

Lakeside knows the less time you spend hauling your boat around on a trailer is more time for boating and relaxing - and that is important to all of us.

Lakeside Lift Corporation - Waterford, MI 48329, USA

Hours: M-F 8am-5pm (EST)