Lakeside Lift

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- Lakeside Lift standard build will enable this lift to operate in as shallow water as your boat can propel itself with full cradle travel.

- Lakeside Lift standard build can accomodate up to nominally 4' water depth (depending on lake bottom surface). Additional leg extensions are available up to 13' water depth.

- Lakeside Lifts structural warranty covers aluminum materials/workmanship for fresh water applications.

- Lakeside Lifts adapt to many applications by offering different lifting systems. You may start out with ski bunk kit and decide to switch to pontoon boat kit -- keep the same lift, change the lifting kit only.

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- Lakeside Lift canopies are available in different sizes, fabrics, and color selections. There are several options available to fit your needs.

- Lakeside Lift canopies can be ordered at time of original purchase or added at a later date.

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- Lakeside Lift carries an assortment of accessories for our lifts!

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- Contact us to get information about our dock options.

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